Inspired by the beauty of nature; Preserving the heritage of quality

Known for iconic patterns and styles, imababywear has been crafting high quality fashion for babies. imababywear is born out of a passion to create a luxurious and  comfortable wear for your precious babies.

imababywear always wears the colors of spirit and its designs are inspired from nature’s belle. Every imababywear garment is crafted as a soul blossoming from nature.

imababywear always wears the colors of spirit and its designs are inspired from nature’s belle. Every imababywear garment is crafted as a soul blossoming from nature.

Our vision is to create a finest and luxurious wear for babies that every family can afford. We craft every garment in love and care for the babies and the families.

imababywear – the word ‘ima’ is inspired from one of the oldest languages, Aramaic, meaning “mother”. In realization of the needs of every mom out there, imababywear creates a comfortable wear for babies. Every clothe is tailored with a motherly care to keep your baby snug all the time.

All our clothing are made from finest 100% combed cotton which has a characteristic of extraordinary fineness and smoothness; when in contact with the baby’s skin, it brings forth a unique sensation of comfort and warmth. And also the cotton is highly breathable which naturally absorbs and releases moisture and so good for sensitive skins.


Motherhood Dedication

A Joyful Mother of Children

Every clothe that we create in imababywear comes from a motherly heart; we look into every little detail in the production so as to make it easier for the mom to dress their little babies comfortably. We are proud of helping the moms with nature inspired innovative clothing.

Fashion supply chain

The Life of imababywear Garment, from Seed to Sale.



High-quality natural cotton, which is eco-friendly, is directly sourced from the farmers. All the sourced cotton is free of pesticides, harmful chemicals and it is naturally hypoallergenic.

Spinning and Knitting

Naturally sourced cotton is roved to create yarn. The yarns are specially knitted as interlock fabric, which is uniquely soft and so used mostly for babies. This fabric is extremely soft on both sides, which makes it a wonderful clothing for babies.


The fabric is Bio-Washed completely to avoid pilling and rough fibres, giving a uniquely soft and silky touch to the fabric. It also gives superior colour richness and glossier appearance to the fabric.

In the Garment Factory

Styles and patterns are specially made based on the creative inputs from the team of fashion designers. Fabric is dyed and printed using natural inks which are free from harsh and harmful chemicals. Then the fabric is cut and sewn by skilled master-tailors to exquisitely fit your little ones.

Journey through water and air

Finished baby fashion clothing is shipped to reps and showrooms internationally. The package is dispatched within 2 business days of placing the order with us and it will reach you within 6-10 business days. Shipping fees and tax duties are free for all the international orders.

On the hands of mom and the child

imababywear is delivered to families all across the globe. Beautifully designed garment reaches happy families as a celebration; we believe you will love the softness and snug fit of imababywear.